Aug 29, 2016

Eagles Focus Episode 16: Conor Myles Interview with Eagles & NFL Pre-Season Recap

In the our 16 Episode we sit down with Conor Myles of the Philly Sports Network.  You can follow him twitter @MylesNFL.  We discuss the looming potential cuts of the Eagles and breakdown the preseason.  At the end we discuss the NFC East and NFL News & Notes.


Aug 1, 2016

Eagles Focus Episode 15: Cody Benjamin Interview and Eagles/NFL Training Camp News & Notes

The 15th Episode of the Eagles Focus podcast is brought to you by Limerick Sunoco and Foresta's Market.  We spend a couple minutes discussing the new book from Cody Benjamin, "The Eagles Notebook."  This book chronicles Cody's journey from die hard fan to objective reporter.  You can follow Cody at @CodyJBenjamin on twitter.  We also discuss the current news and notes of Eagles and NFL training camps around the the league.  


Jun 26, 2016

Eagles Focus Episode 14: Fletcher Cox Contract, Training Camp Preview along with NFL News & Notes

In our 14th episode we break down the Fletcher Cox contract and discuss how this deal impacts the Eagles and the rest of the league.  We discuss Doug Pederson's impending first Training Camp and what to expect moving forward.  We finish the show by getting into a few camp position battles.


May 16, 2016

Eagles Focus Episode 13: Sam Bradford, Joe Douglas and 2016 NFL Draft Eagles/NFC East Recap

In our 13th episode we spend some time wrapping up the Sam Bradford saga and give our analysis on the Eagles new VP of Personnel Joe Douglass.  The bulk of the time we recap the 2016 NFL Draft for the Eagles and the rest of the NFC East.  We give our analysis on each pick and what we liked and didn't like about it.  This episode was brought to you by Limerick Sunoco, "You Auto Stop In" and Forestas' Market.  Visit for all your catering needs. 


Apr 25, 2016

Eagles Focus Episode 12: Preview of the upcoming NFL Draft and Review of Pre-Draft Trades

The 12th episode of the Eagles Focus Podcast is brought to you by Limerick Sunoco and Foresta's Market (  In this 12th Episode we breakdown the 2016 NFL Draft and review the Pre-Draft trades that changed the landscape.  We conducted a full 1st round mock draft and highlighted some players we like that could be day 2 and 3 selections for the Eagles.  


Mar 7, 2016

Eagles Focus Episode 11: Discussion over Sam Bradford’s new contract and impending NFL Free Agency.

Episode 11 of the Eagles Focus podcast is brought to you by Limerick Sunoco, "You Auto Stop In" and Foresta's Market.  Visit for all your catering needs.  Inside the 11th episode we breakdown and discuss Sam Bradford's new contract and reveal who we want the eagles to target and not target during NFL Free Agency.  Free Agency starts this Wednesday with "Legal Tampering" starting today.


Feb 13, 2016

Eagles Focus Episode 10: This is our 1st Annual “Eagles Congress.” A complete Eagles team breakdown.

In our "Eagles Congress" episode we do a complete Eagles breakdown from the front office to the grid-iron.  We discuss what this team needs and needs to do in order to win the Lombardi Trophy.  Ron Scrafano (@ronscrafano) joined us to break down the Eagles.  Ron knows the game and is a level headed football guy.  Although not an Eagles fan he's neither pro nor anti Eagles.  His views are a breath of fresh air.  This 10th episode and "Eagles Congress" is brought to by Limerick Sunoco "you auto stop in" and Foresta's Market


Jan 9, 2016

Eagles Focus Episode 9: Eagles 2015 Season Recap, Eagles/NFL Coaching News and Playoff discussion.

Episode 9 of the Eagles Focus podcast is sponsored by Limerick Sunoco and Foresta's Market.  In this episode we discuss the nightmare that was the Eagles 2015 season.  We breakdown the Eagles coaching search and look at all the candidates.  Brian and I rank the current openings around the league and discuss who will end up where.  At the end we break down the NFL Playoffs.


Dec 7, 2015

Birds Scoop Episode 8: Philadelphia Eagles 3rd Quarter Review and NFL News & Notes

Episode 8 of the Birds Scoop podcast is brought to you by Limerick Sunoco and Foresta's Market.  In our 8th episode we recap the Philadelphia Eagles last 4 games and look into the future at their upcoming schedule.  At the end of our podcast we cover the NFL and go over News & Notes.  The playoff picture is still muddy but we discuss the different scenarios and give our predictions on who's in and out come January.  


Nov 2, 2015

Birds Scoop Episode 7: Eagles bye week and mid season review & NFL News/Notes

Episode 7 of the Birds Scoop Podcast is sponsored by Limerick Sunoco "You Auto Stop In" and Foresta's Market (  In this episode we recap the Eagles bye week, give a mid-season evaluation and finished with some NFL News/Notes.


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